Stephanie SearsStephanie Sears, NTP

Nutritional Therapy provides a time-honored approach to health and wellness. It advocates eating nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole foods as the basis for optimal health. Improving digestion, regaining hydration, as well as balancing blood sugar, fatty acids and minerals are the foundations to create life long health and vitality for each unique person. These foundations are supported by Nutritional Therapy to help correct deficiencies and assist in achieving your optimal health.

By consuming a “modern” American diet we are likely deficient in nutrients required by the body. These nutritional deficiencies are manifested as many different ailments; from a minor skin rash or a severe affliction such as Crohn’s Disease or even Heart Disease. The purpose of Nutritional Therapy is to reverse these nutritional deficiencies, restore balance and enhance one’s ability to heal.

In Nutritional Therapy, each person’s bio-individuality is respected and each plan is unique to your lifestyle, needs, and goals.

How can Nutritional Therapy help you? Do you have a few pounds to lose, chronic allergies, IBD, diabetes, or just want help with meal planning? Nutritional Therapy can be the answer you have been looking for.

We offer the following services:

-Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

-Functional Evaluation with Lingual-Neuro Testing

-Recommended Protocol (includes a take home guide to follow your food intake, lifestyle changes and supplementation implementation.)

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